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How i was born. (a fictional account.)
Moving in, moving out.
Until Tomorrow.
Last visit.
Forbidden affairs.
On My Birthday i'll be free.
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Kingwa Kimenchu.
We all started by meditating... and praying.

Jim Buttery (British Council representative).
Then came the welcoming words from the man "Jim Bean Butterfly" himself.

We forgot which line we were reading and went scratch scratch, trying to calm our nerves.

Telley Otieno.
In attendance were poets cum thespians...

Millicent Muthoni.
... journalists...

(c)Matano Lipuka
Then we began doing our thing.

Stanley Gazemba.
Award winning authors...

Patricia Amira.
.....and radio personalities.

Patricia Amira in full view.
All work and all play...

Matano Lipuka, Tony Mochama and a friend.
And in the end we finally did it. Everyone went home happy. Sweet Victory!!!!