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Hey Folks! Welcome to my photo album's page. Let me now introduce you to the world of creative writing, and then the tiresome affair that is called 'Having a Reading'. This is a step by step process and i don't mean to scare you. Hope you do enjoy the ride! WELCOME!!!

Robert Matano Lipuka.
This is how i look like up close. Let me welcome you all to my gallery. Indulge yourselves!!!!

(c) Matano Lipuka.
Uuuuhhh... Hey people? Your host here. Am having a reading tonight, and i am rehearsing my script.

Matano and Sophia.
Ati where did i go wrong? I didn't say that... did I? Oops! Sorry...

Linda Cracknell.
The strain was evident on our faces...

(c) Matano Lipuka.
Okay... I confess. I am hungry, and bored. Anyone have the time?

I am done for. HEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!! ...s-o-m-e-o-n-e???? Aaaahhhh... The recorder is still on...

Matano, Billy and Mugambi.
UUUUhhhh... Lets just discuss this whole affair over lunch and then.....