Let's now get back to work.

How i was born. (a fictional account.)
Moving in, moving out.
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Forbidden affairs.
On My Birthday i'll be free.
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After a hearty meal...
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I must admit that indeed it was a hearty meal. We really did enjoy it alot. but we still had an unfinished task to undertake, so here's the rest of it.

Linda and Makena.
I must admit there were others like me who enjoyed their lunch.
Nash and Kingwa.
Until others decided to give up. They could not go on with the race.
Makena Mwithia.
...and we finally got back to work.

Stephen Mugambi.
...very attentive...

Nash and Mugambi.
....getting thought provoked...

Leila Wagatibu.
...and agreeing with whoever was at the front...

Caroline Mbuthia
Seems to me like the food thing worked. Everyone is now awake...

Nash Nderitu.
...asking questions....

...and taking notes.

Linda, Billy and Caroline.
All in all, there was a lot of meaningful advice, a lot of laughs and a lot of interaction.